Mechanics are a person who works with cars

They perform maintenance and repair work to the car, for example, replacing damaged parts, lubricating their engine and changing their tires. The word “mechanic” can also refer to a company or company that specializes in automotive service.

The mechanical car was invented by Karl Benz in 1885. It can be described as an automobile with no internal combustion engine and which uses rotating parts powered by a crank system and driven by belts or gears to transmit power from the wheels up through the transmission system and back down through the drive shafts at each end of the powered axles.

Mechanics are employed in auto repair shops and other automotive service companies such as tire stores, gas stations, auto dealerships, body shops, etc., where they diagnose problems

Audi is a car that can be repaired by a mechanic. This is usually done by the use of tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, and torque wrenches.

There are also many other uses for mechanics in this world. They can help make repairs and maintain cars in general as well as do jobs related to carpentry, welding, and plumbing.

Mechanic is a profession that has been around for many years now. Mechanic are responsible for maintaining, repairing, or rebuilding any machine or device with moving parts such as engines, bicycles or cars. There are also some people who work on the human body like doctors or dentists under the term “mechanics.”

The Audi was introduced in 1927 by the german car maker, Audi AG. It has been used in racing, rallying and road events ever since

The Audi is a car produced by the German car manufacturer Audi AG. The first model was released in the year of 1927 and it has been used in racing, rallying and road events ever since.